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The 10 Most Dangerous Countries In 2013

If you’re reading this article, the world for you is probably a relatively safe place. As long as you don’t go out looking for trouble, you’ll usually get through the day unscathed.
However, there are certain countries on this planet where security and safety elusive indeed. These places have danger lurking everywhere, waiting to attack you the moment you let your guard down. So which of them belong to the list of the most dangerous countries in the world in 2013? Here they are:

1. Syria

Syrian soldier

One of the most dangerous countries in the world in 2013 is Syria. Since the year 2011, the death toll caused by the civil conflict in this country has reached as much as 60,000.  Such rate is considered a conservative estimate as no one can really figure out for sure.
This is all due to the political freedom being severely repressed by the currently reigning President Bashar al Assad. His brutal efforts to silence those who are against him have led to countless executions, killings, and “disappearances,” all of which are done in secret. No one is safe – not children, women, let alone journalists.

2. Iraq

iraq kuwait gate
Gate closing between Iraq and Kuwait (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The mere mention of “Iraq” instantly invokes the phrase “dangerous country.” The reputation of this country has become synonymous to terror and war. Despite the United States doing all it can to stabilize the conditions in Iraq, not much improvement can be seen.
It might even be safe to say that the country is in a worse state than before. The death of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain, whom the Americans hunted down with fervor, sparked more anger and strife. Today, the country is still in the grip of a seemingly endless conflict, merciless terrorists, and countless rebels. All these make Iraq the most dangerous country in the world.

3. Somalia

Mogadishu, Somalian capital during Civil War (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In a fantasy world, Somalia, with all its beauty, would have been the most idyllic travel destination. Yet, the real situation in this country is quite different. Ever since the 1990 civil war, the place has been conflict-ridden.The lack of a stable and genuine governmental system has given way to a kingdom ruled by militias, warlords, and even pirates. Drug trafficking, illegal fishing, piracy on the high seas, and other illicit activities are the norms in Somalia.

4. Afghanistan

Afghanistan situation

Afghanistan is also among the most dangerous countries in the world. Said to be the home of the infamous Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, Afghanistan packs a lot of dangers within its territory. If you find yourself on Afghanistan soil, you better be prepared to say your prayers after a second’s warning. Suicide bombers are fairly common, and you never know which individual
in the vicinity is concealing enough explosives to wipe out the entire population.
Adding to the increasing number of dangers is a constant battle raging between the local armed forces, backed up by NATO troops, and the Al Qaeda and Taliban forces. Imagine being caught in the crossfire. That would frighten any tourist into staying in his hometown forever.

5. Sudan and South Sudan

Sudan national flag

Both found to the southern part of Egypt, South Sudan and Sudan are counted among the most dangerous countries in the world. The relationship between the two countries has been less than desirable for quite some time now. South Sudan is mostly a Christian country, while Sudan is an Islamic nation. The conflict stems from the latter’s persistent imposition of its rule over the former.
A South Sudanese girl
A South Sudanese girl at independence festivities
While South Sudan recently became an independent country, the conflict still remains. It is not uncommon for violent clashes to erupt between the two, and on top of it all, clashes between tribes are also frequent. Plenty of foreigners who visit Sudan never make it back to their own country.

6. Brazil


Now, this is a country you probably never thought would make the list. Brazil is most famous for its spectacular beaches, its never-ending affair with football (or soccer as we Americans like to call it), and its Victoria Secret models.
Yet, beneath all the hype about what a great tourist spot Brazil is lies a crime rate that is absurdly high, with murder rates reaching as much as 40,000 deaths annually. Robberies, kidnapping, and other criminal activities are also rampant. Hopefully, such things will be under control by the year 2016, when the Olympics is set to be held in the country.

7. Mexico

Although thousands and thousands of people visit Mexico each year, the country is still counted as one of the most dangerous in the world. Known for being a popular tourist destination, Mexico is actually also a country plagued with major drug problems, arms trafficking issues, and high murder and kidnapping rates.
Though violence, which is mostly drug-related, can erupt in any part of the country, it is most frequently seen in border towns such as Nogales, Tijuana, and Ciudad Juarez. Public shootouts in these areas during daylight hours are not uncommon. Even if officials point out that most victims aren’t tourists, popular resort destinations like Acapulco have been ridden with extreme violence in recent years.

8. Pakistan

Pakistani soldiers

Granted, there are a few parts in Pakistan that are somewhat controlled by the government. Yet, the rest of the country has never been in favor of creating the Pakistani nation. That alone would be a perfect recipe for trouble, but wait, there’s more. The other ingredients that make Pakistan a dangerous country include the following: the Taliban, the Al Qaeda, nuclear programs, and radical Islamic practices. Mix everything together, and what you have is a ticking time bomb.

9. North Korea

Statue of Kim, North Korea
Statue of Kim Il-sung
Although this isolated country is closed off to tourists, it is still one of the most dangerous countries in the world in 2013. If you’re a citizen of North Korea, death can come in many ways, though the most common problem facing North Koreans is malnutrition and poverty. Citizens must also comform to government demands at all time, and they’re monitored 24/7 through intercoms in their homes.
The North Korean government rules with such an iron grip, that a high ranking North Korean official was actually executed (via “obliteration”) simply for drinking during the 100 day mourning period after the 2011 death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il. Any one of the 25 million North Korean citizens found not exhibiting enough distress during the mourning period for the “dear leader” were sentenced to 6 months of hard labor in a labor camp.
Furthermore, North Korea has continued to be defiant reluctanct to bow to the international community to stop conducting nuclear tests. North Korea is bold enough to threaten the United States, which remains the target of the country’s nuclear and missile programs. What’s even more astonishing is that North Korea isn’t swayed by the urgings of its ally, China, to practice restraint.

10. Colombia

Colombian soldiers

Having a record of 2,338 kidnapping incidents in the year 1998 alone, Colombia is still known for being the kidnapping capital of the planet. The country is also notorious for its astonishingly high murder rates, which in 2006 was a whopping 70 murdered individuals per 100,000 people.
On top of all that, anti-government groups are constantly waging a never-ending war against the authorities. No one is truly safe from being attacked. All these make Colombia another one of the world’s most dangerous countries.
Yes, crime and danger are ubiquitous plagues, but there are countries in which these are most prevalent. So keep your wanderlust confined to destinations that aren’t among the most dangerous countries in the world.

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